Saluting DaddyMen during Bear Week

A strange urge has come over me to restart this blog forum this morning.

I just never know how to approach this subject. I guess I have fallen into this moment as part of my daily routine because gay men have favorite types and DILFs, DaddyMen and hot hairy guys are some of my favorite types of men.

I’ve put this visual together. Hope you enjoy the eye candy

Loving who you are, being comfortable with who you are

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I recently saw an Inside Edition segment about this very hot male bodybuilder who was uncomfortable with who he was. He always felt that he was a women trapped inside this hot male body,  Here’s the scoop:

One look at world champion powerlifter Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski’s website and you’d be hard-pressed to see anything other than an elite bodybuilding alpha male – which, to hear Janae Marie Kroc tell it, is exactly who Matt is. But that’s where your preconceived notions about Matt and Janae should end, because Matt is Janae and Janae is Matt, both a “Transgender/genderfluid Alpha male” and a “girly girl Lesbian in a male body,” all at once

I really, really think that Matt is super hot. But I also respect his happiness.  We all wish him well in his transition. Continue reading